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亚洲与太平洋地区红土镍矿合作组织(中文简称:亚太红土镍矿合作组织)---Asian Pacific Organization for Lateritic-Nickel-Ore(APOL)于2008年7月3日经香港警务处审批完成社团注册。APOL是红土镍矿矿山、冶炼及其相关行业的行业性的非营利性社团组织,成员來自亚太地区的中国、菲律宾、印尼、日本、韩国、新加坡、澳大利亚、香港等,包括矿山主、冶炼企业、设计院、设备厂家、检验机构、贸易商、船代货代、海洋运输公司、矿山机械公司等行业骨干企业。




Asian Pacific Organization for Lateritic-Nickel Ore(APOL) had been approved by the registration authorities in Hong Kong and qualified for legal society group in July 2008. APOL is a non-profit industrial organization which is sponsored by key mine owners and manufacturers worldwide. Most members are key miners, manufacturers, design Institute,equipment manufacturer,professional inspection organizations, agencies, traders as well as related companies in the fields. They come from Asian Pacific areas and different countries such as China, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Caledonia, Hong Kong and Macao etc.

The international industrial organization was founded by miners and manufacturers, and joint by professional inspection organization and trader. The objective to establish APOL is to build a common standard in order to avoid the deviation caused by different inspection standards among different inspection agencies under the circumstances of sudden increase of laterite nickel ore import, and also to bring less operation risks to the traders.

The goals of the organization is providing free service for members with “justness, reasonableness, fairness” standards. It concentrates the wisdom of all the members, implements the industry norms, reduces disputes, establishes mutual trust and win-win situation and sets up an impartial, reasonable and fair trade standards. It aims to provide wide services for all the members from different countries in this organization under the Hong Kong law.

All members are highly appreciated the concept and development target of APOL and actively undertake various obligations. They promise to try their best to build APOL as a world-class organization, a bridge between demanders and suppliers, a platform for technical exchanges and links for co-operations in the field. And APOL will provide Industrial information and full services for all members through the official web site: http://www.apolni.org.